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The stackable Hoff Series by graphic designer Anne Hoff is made with solid artisanship and first-class materials in a stringently striped back modular structure. The shapes appear as simple silhouettes that epitomise the modern Scandinavian design tradition.


Raw terracotta pots allow roots to breathe, plants to thrive, and the creative spirit to grow, as the Hoff collection invites you to engage in playful combinations of contrasts and colours. The design’s stringency is fulfilled when the natural clay pots are matched with the hand-dipped cylindrical saucers in luscious signature glazes.


The series consists of flowerpots and saucers – all made to be mixed, matched, stacked, and piled into irresistible combinations. Our glazed selection of Cachepots are without drainage hole.

Hoff collectie plantpot small

40,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
2 kleuren
  • Pot: terra cotta met bijpassende geglazuurde schotel in de kleuren licht blauw of donker groen,

    Diameter:  14 cm 

    Hoog: 18 cm

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