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Bonsai stacking cups are inspired by the inseparable and intimate relationship between the bonsai tree and its pot: a  bond as close as lovers, family, friends, or even the one between humans and our mother earth. Each Bonsai Cup includes a variety of different flora, ranging from traditional bonsai trees to flowering plants, eastern and western styles. Most uniquely, the cups' shapes are designed to stack perfectly in one another, bringing together a mishmash of plant and pot images that cheekily create a range of complete bonsai. 


One set includes 2 cups, 1 plant and 1 pot.

Bonsai cups

€ 39,50Price
VAT Included
  • Materiaal: Porcelein

    Food-safe, Dishwasher-and microwave-safe.

  • Volume: 175 ml

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